Here at Upsurveys™ we make creating the best online survey fast and easy. With our simple 3 step process, creating a survey, collecting responses, and getting the reports that give you the most benefit has never been easier.

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// Value

Unlike other tools that force you to pay for "advanced" features by purchasing a gold or platinum package on an annual subscription basis, Upsurveys™ gives you full use of every feature for as long as you want at no additional charge.

You don't pay, till you want data to come your way!

The only time you have to pay is when you're ready to start capturing your results. Why pay for an entire month, or worse yet, an ENTIRE YEAR, if all you plan on doing is running a campaign where you capture results for two weeks!? So, take your time.

// Customer Driven Design

Upsurveys has been designed to make survey building, data capturing, and data analysis fast, easy and fun. But that doesn’t mean we have all the answers. In fact, we believe Upsurveys should be what YOU need it to be!

Unlike other survey tools that might make you pay to have it tailored to your needs, we not only listen to your requests, we won’t charge you anything to make your suggested changes. So feel free to suggest anything – whether it’s to change how something is currently working, or to add a new feature. Help make Upsurveys the customer driven survey tool of choice!